Greece: Syrian Aslan and his puppy Rose

"Some people will ask - you have only a small bag?"
"And you bring your dog?"
"I love my dog!"

Many animal lovers will relate to this. 17-year-old Aslan Al Hakim from Damascus, Syria. And we've seen many like him carrying their animals with them on the long journey from Syria, across the Mediterranean Sea and through Europe. When forced to flee home because of war, many people would never dream of leaving their pets behind.

Greece: Peril On The Mediterranean

“I have just been floating around in the water and then they found me and brought me here.”

Europe at last. Time for celebration. Tears. Reflection. Phone call.

Greece: Syrian Refugees Dreaming of Europe

“It’s not my friend, it’s my bro. He’s helped me on that long road, he’s helped me.”

As a young boy, Taha Fatah had polio. To get here, he had to be carried by his best friends.