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British independent journalist and filmmaker based in London, covering a range of issues ranging from refugees to rugby, conflict to climate change and, on occasion, viral videos about puppies.

Regular contributor to Channel 4 News, National Geographic News, Agence France Presse, BBC, the United Nations Refugee Agency, and many others along the way.

Have covered Europe's refugee and migrant crisis extensively over the last two years; from the beaches of Lesbos, to the train stations of Macedonia, the Jungle camp in Calais and the coast of Libya.

Previously stationed in Yangon for two years, investigating the influence of China on Myanmar's rapidly-changing economic and political landscape.

Before that spent six years working for Reuters across east, central and west Africa covering conflict, finance, yoga, elections, oil, gold, massacres, rebellions, hip-hop pigs, assassinations, Shakespeare, kidnappings, corruption, air strikes, lost elephants, nomadic communities, fashion, refugees, technology...

Email: hezholland(at)gmail(dot)com

UK:                 +44 7974 133 292

Twitter: @GreatLakesHack

Instagram: Hereward Holland